Pim De Rhoodes

Seatec is a Belgian based company founded by Capt. Pim De Rhoodes. Our flag ship CDT. Fourcault is staffed and fully operational all year round, ready for the next adventure! Capt. Pim De Rhoodes is Gen. Manager, trimix rebreather diver Inspiration & Ouroboros, instructor, tecnical manager, manager logisitics.

Cdt. Fourcault

The CDT. Fourcault is custom designed and capable of a wide variety of missions including but not limited to Search & Rescue, Salvage, dive expeditions as well as any other expeditions. The ship is primarily used as a Nautical Archeology Research platform capable of housing a crew of 50, sailing non stop for 45 day!

The Fourcault The Fourcault The Fourcault The Fourcault